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FarSight Studios have posted a Kickstarter to convert AC/DC Pinball by Stern to The Pinball Arcade platform. They need $108,435 to cover the license costs to get it done. That’s a big number, but if this is successful, could we possibly see them go for the Metallica and KISS games as well?

Perhaps more importantly, will this unlock the door to having dual releases, both physical and virtual, of new Stern games?

Click here to go to the Kickstarter page.

From FarSight Studios:

This table was made in honor of one of the most legendary rock bands the world has ever seen. Players can rock to twelve AC/DC classics including Back in Black, T.N.T, War Machine, Hells Bells, Highway to Hell and more! This table features a groundbreaking rule set by Lyman Sheats that allows players to choose a full song while playing. The AC/DC machine is also engineered to stack and overlap three multi-ball modes. It’s one of the coolest tables ever made!

We’ve succeeded in negotiating all of the licenses we’d need to digitize The AC/DC Pinball table and bring it to the new Stern Pinball Arcade. Unfortunately there are several licenses involved: in addition to the Stern license, we need a license for AC/DC, the likeness of the band members on the backglass and playfield, and the right to use the voiceovers and music during gameplay.

FarSight might need part of the money just to digitize the AC/DC ruleset! 😉


The Stern Pinball Arcade will launch with Star Trek, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Starship Troopers and with your help, AC/DC!

  • Then Ghostbusters apparently?! Is that what this picture means?!


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