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Mega-R-Cade!! – Card #M011 – Collaboration

This parody game card was made to honor the efforts of Games Done Quick and Pinball Done Quick to bring gaming and pinball speedrunning to the masses as well as raise money for worthy charities.

Mega-R-Cade!! – Card #M009 – Muse

Inspired by Antoinette Johnson, Mega-R-Cade!! the parody card set gets a new member after years of languishing in stasis. Introducing, card number nine, The Muse.

CGR Reviews Quicksilver

Dude! Look at the head on that! Well, I can understand if her species evolved that way. If you are going for speed, it’s good to have an aerodynamic cranium.

Classic Game Room at PAPA 15

Classic Game Room was at PAPA 15. Did you know that PAPA, Pittsburgh is the gateway to the Disco Pinball Dimension? Regeneration complete!