Dude! Look at the head on that! Well, I can understand if her species evolved that way. If you are going for speed, it’s good to have an aerodynamic cranium. I wonder if that green stuff is trying to get her, or if it’s part of her powers, whatever they may be besides speed of course.

Classic Game Room reviews  Quicksilver by Stern Pinball. It’s a game that’s not quite as simple as it looks. I like games where there is a spinner on each side for you to shoot the crap out of for quick scoring. Plus, the set of drop targets in the middle of the playfield are set up in a way that you can sweep all four with a well-timed shot. If you can use the left saucer to build up the targets to 21,000 each, sweeping them is a nice cash-in.

I also like the fun with bonus count on this game because it’s cumulative. By that I mean if you have the 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 bonus lights lit, you actually have 15,000 in bonus and not just 5,000 like you would in other games. These lights go up to 20,000! So, if you can get your multiplier up using the right 3-bank, your end of ball bonus will scroll on for a good long while.

As for spelling Q-U-I-C-K-S-I-L-V-E-R, don’t strain yourself – just let it happen, man. But, watch out for that oddly-placed ‘K’. It can end you if you purposefully aim for it.

Quicksilver by STERN Pinball
This game gets 4 out of 5 stars for being simple while living up to its name.