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A Stern Unboxing

Cary Hardy films an unboxing of Stern’s Godzilla Limited Edition from New In Box to gameplay.
Throwback to: Chicago Pinball Expo

Arcade Hunters reviews Stranger Things LE

“The LE includes the fabled projector that will showcase scenes from the show on the screen/ramp in the game as well as a lock for Eleven’s TK Multiball that will hold three balls in place!”

More Wrestlemania

Pinball Magazine posted a ten-minute video of Stern’s Wrestlemania. There sure is a lot of time spent in that ring area.

Star Trek LE Software version 1.5 – the first session

I decided to TweetyInstaFaceyTumblegram my way through learning the new software for Star Trek pinball by Stern. This newest update is fantastic! It makes the game many times better than it was before. Congratulations to Stern Pinball for this new version of an already great game.