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The Wizard of Salem, Massachusetts

It’s the newest episode of PAPA.TV! Featuring: The Wizard of Oz, Faces and The Addams Family inspired by FarSight Studios’ Kickstarter effort.

PAPAtv LIVEplay: Shuffle up and Deal

This week on PAPAtv LIVE, World Poker Tour gets the respect I feel it deserves via a live gameplay video. As the video continues, we begin to realize just how deep the game’s rule set is.

PAPAtv LIVEplay: Fourplay

It’s the fourth episode of the PAPAtv LIVE gameplay series! A feat of strength, a canopy, going all in, a special appearance from The Dragon and more!


It’s a new style of PAPA TV gameplay videos. It’s gameplay with commentary and accompanied by participants from the PAPA TV Twitch chat room.

Hey Josh, nice slide save!

It’s the IFPA Chicago State Championships with Joshua Henderson vs. Dave Hegge. It a best-of-7 series which goes to six games. Commentary by Adam Lefkoff and Mark Steinman.

The more you know … about Pinburgh

This is the greatest pinball video on the Internet. It’s better than F&#! you, Jungle Queen! It’s better than the greatest pinball save! It’s better than the salami and the bologna combined!