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Jersey Jack Podcast: Reunited

“Do you remember the very first pinball machine that you ever owned?  Jersey Jack Pinball designer, Pat Lawlor, is reunited with his very first pin.”

Pat Lawlor vs. Wonka

Game designer Pat Lawlor’s first livestreamed game of Willy Wonka at Midwest Gaming Classic.

Pat Lawlor joins Jersey Jack!

Well, OK then. This is some good news. Pat Lawlor explains why he has joined the Jersey Jack Pinball team to build an original game. Get your wallets ready!

Pro Pinball Kickstarter!

At first, I was thinking of just writing one long paragraph that said, “WOOOO … OOOOOOO … OOOOOOO!” and then just ending it there. Now that I’ve had a chance to think about it a bit more, I’ll continue by saying “Thank you, Silverball Studios, and good luck.”