Tag: Pinburgh 2013

Pinburgh: Quest for the ‘A’ Division

Ron Hallett’s short film is about his experiences at Pinburgh 2013, and his attempt to qualify and compete in the ‘A’ Division among nearly four-hundred competitors.

GeekGamerPinball – “A soft plunge…”

Pinburgh 2013 C Division Champion Chase Nunes chats with Mark Steinman and Bowen Kerins about PAPA, Pinburgh, pinball, PAPA TV and more on another high quality, pinball-focused podcast.

GeekGamerTV to live stream the PAPA Circuit Final!

A LiveStream of the PAPA Circuit Final will be available on http://GeekGamer.tv on Thursday April 11th, 2013 starting at 9:30 AM EDT (6:30 AM PDT). There will be live coverage of the competition and commentary from pinball personalities.