Ron Hallett’s short film is about his experiences at Pinburgh 2013, and his attempt to qualify and compete in the ‘A’ Division among nearly four-hundred competitors.

By the way, you know you are a pinball enthusiast when after 40+ hours of intense competition, you stay after hours, after dark to play more pinball against some of the same people who you have been trying to beat in the tournament.

One player’s attempt to make the ‘A’ Division Finals of the 2013 Pinburgh Tournament. The Largest Pinball Tournament ever held:

01:55 The Tournament Director gets us started
11:47 My quest to qualify for ‘A’ Division begins
12:45 Walkthru of the Tournament game banks
24:30 My quest to reach the ‘A’ Division finals begins
26:30 Did I make it??
28:00 Tournament After Party begins
31:07 PAPA after dark
34:23 A final message from the Tournament Director