A tip from “Al Gorithm” from the Club Pinball Facebook Group

“The Pinball Outreach Program charity will be running a PinGolf tournament at the Pinburgh tournament this Thursday from Noon to 7:00 PM.

“If you didn’t know about P.O.P. they are the charity that is helping bring joy to the kids and parents of their local Children’s Hospitals by introducing the kids to pinball.

“The PinGolf event is a minimum of $10 and each player gets one round on the nine-hole course. You can, of course, donate as much as you want to and it would greatly help their advancement with this worthy cause.”

Any spectators and players who are not competing in the Circuit Final, right there is your alternate event for the day. I wouldn’t be surprised to see players, who have been eliminated from the Circuit Final, find their way over to the PinGolf tournament for more competition.