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Hobbit Epic Music

Do you want epic music? The Hobbit Pinball from Jersey Jack will have the epic music of epicness that you need.

DOTS! DOTS! MORE DOTS! and music [America’s Most Haunted]

Thirty minutes of dot matrix display animations and music from Ben Heck’s America Most Haunted pinball game. It gives you a clue as to how deep this game really is. Now, I am even more jealous that I am thousands of miles and dollars away from playing this game.

Bride of Pin*Bot 2.0 Gameplay

Dutch Pinball has released a new gameplay video for their Bride of Pin*Bot 2.0 project. I had a chance to play this game recently at Pinball Expo, and it is justifiably awesome.

Soundtrack Spotlight: Star Trek: TNG

On April 17th, 2013, I scored over 15 Billion points in a 3-ball, no extra ball league match of Star Trek: TNG. The super jackpot was worth over 600 Million points when I was finished. I would like to celebrate my luck and fortune with some music.

Soundtrack Spotlight: Whirlwind

“I have an idea for a pinball game that had awesome music back in the day. I’m talking about “Whirlwind” by Williams Pinball …”

Soundtrack Spotlight: Space Station

Redock now! This game can actually get a little stressful when you are trying to REDOCK NOW! and that voice keep repeating that you really should REDOCK NOW!