Some time ago I was sent the following message by a pinballer named Brandon Taylor. Unfortunately, it ended up in a spam folder and I just found this recently. This is why I changed my contact link to use my tumblr site so messages don’t get lost. Sorry, Brandon.

I have an idea for a pinball game that had awesome music back in the day. I’m talking about “Whirlwind” by Williams Pinball, originally manufactured in 1990. I remember I used to visit a laundromat when I was a child, and there was a “Whirlwind” table just waiting for me… in fact, I even remember that before “Whirlwind,” there was “Comet,” and after both of them was a table called “Fire!”, both of which were also manufactured by Williams. But I remember “Whirlwind” definitely had some awesome music, especially if you were lucky enough to lock three balls into the Skyway Tolls trap and triggered the multiball phase, where your big goal was to hit the “Million Plus” loop off a right side flipper — and, of course, if you were lucky enough to do THAT, you were rewarded with a terrific victory song in the style of 12-bar blues.

What do you think about THAT?

Brandon Taylor

I think you are right. Whirlwind’s soundtrack is pretty cool.


Main Theme

Lock is Lit

Multiball is Ready


Million Plus Collected

High Score