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Video Pinball – Game Sack

Sonic Spinball (I liked it!), Sonic Pinball Party (It’s got NiGHTS in it!), Crue Ball (Crank it up!), Flipnic (THE BEST … for about 75 % of it. Then, 2D for no reason.), Necronomicon (Sega Saturn Shiro?! no.), Pokemon Pinball (Gotta flip ’em all!), Time Cruise (Turbo-Grafx 16?)

Sonic Spinball: Rage Quit

I remember beating this game when I was younger. I also remember how difficult this game could be due to the fact that you had less control over Sonic than usual. It makes sense because Sonic Spinball is trying to be a pinball simulation with platform game elements, not vice versa.

Momonga Pinball Adventures [PREVIEW]

Well, isn’t that cute? It’s Momonga Pinball Adventures from Paladin Studios. It’s scheduled to be released this summer for Android and iDevices among other planned platforms. According to the website, the beta is coming very soon. Looking at the trailer, I am getting vibes of Adventure Pinball with a dash of Sonic Spinball and Flipnic.