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Bird Box Arcade

Arcadia National Bar presents the most advanced TOMMY mode ever! DON’T LOOK!

Tommy the PinBallet

Featuring real and modified pinball machines that will “dance” along with the performers.

PAPAtv LivePlay: Pinball Wizard?

Oh, SNAP! He was right there about to start the wizard mode and then the broadcast ended! Oh no! What could have happened? Did he make it? Did he buckle under the pressure. Will the power of the Santa hat carry him to success?

CyberRoy’s perspective

Champion pinball player, Roy Wils is wearing a GoPro3 camera. That means you get to see what if feels like to be a world class pinballer.

Top Ten movie/TV themed pinball games

Daily Grind House has a feature post about their top ten pinball games based on movies or TV. Here is what I have learned from this: I need to make more lists about stuff. Lists get hits. They just do.

New Pinball Dictionary: Tommy Dollars

A style of pinball match where the competitors place bills on the playfield glass to block certain areas from view. The winner of the match gets to keep the money on the glass.

The Who – Pinball Wizard (dBerrie Remix)

This remix of Pinball Wizard doesn’t suck. I’d rather hear something like this as the music bed whenever some news station decides to do a special interest piece on pinball. If they are going to break out Pinball Wizard for the hundredth time, at least make it not that same song again.