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VPCabs on Shark Tank

I’m glad we’ve got that pesky licensing thing sorted out. We do have it sorted, yes?

Virtual Pinball

Skill Shot Pincast looks at the virtual world of virtual pinball. Many of the good games get mentions and name checks.

Can popular virtual tables become real?

Farsight Studios are looking into creating virtual tables based on original themes. The most popular virtual tables could become real games. This makes so much sense it’s almost obvious.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Gaming Made Me

Adam Smith of Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted a feature article on how pinball has affected him, both physical and virtual pinball. Rock, Paper, Shotgun is kind of a big deal so you should go and read it.

Virtual pinball coverage on Destructoid

VP Cabs is working with Zen Pinball to make full-size cabinets for virtual pinball tables. Check out the link to see Destructoid’s take on it. Sure, it’s quick coverage, but it counts for something.