If this helps more people to make pinball ideas come to virtual life, that’s a Good Thing ™.

Stationary elements such ramps, rubbers, habitrails, plastics and mini-playfields will be laid out using splines in the editor. Users will be able to not only adjust the visual appearance of each element but their physical properties as well, such as how “bouncy” or “slick” a surface is.

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If this helps to find the next generation of pinball designers, that will be a Good Thing ™ too. Is that wishful thinking? Maybe, but I’m a pinball enthusiast who prefers to look on the bright side. How about using this application to launch a boutique pinball project?

… our API supports connectivity of virtual pinball to real world hardware or emulators. Enthusiasts with virtual pinball cabinets will have the power to to hook up real world buttons, lights, solenoids and other physical feedback devices directly to Pinball Labs’ simulation. Real world pin-builders can use Pinball Labs as a testing environment for research and development: Game play and controller logic can be troubleshot inexpensively in the virtual realm, before committing resources to expensive parts, labor and materials.

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