This is just to remind me to watch Episode 722 tonight, May 13th at 9:00 PM Eastern. You can watch too of course.

Also, that’s a decent pinball stance by Mark Cuban. But, it looks like we need to teach him the Dunlap Stance for true professionals.

(Also)2, I’m glad we’ve got that pesky licensing thing sorted out. We do have it sorted, yes?

Free pinball games were downloaded and he added the licensed, Zen Studios’ FX2, 60-game package with Marvel and Star Wars-themed games. The machine has wi-fi capabilities so that games can constantly be added.

Source: Local on ‘Shark Tank’ pitching virtual pinball

Virtual reality is on everyone’s lips when they talk about the future of gaming, but Brad Baker thinks virtual pinball could find a big niche while giving a nod to gaming’s past. Baker started VPCABS, his business that manufactures virtual pinball machines, back in 2013 when his brother asked him to create a machine for one of the arcades he owns. Within a year, Baker was in his own production facility, cranking out virtual pinball machines as fast as he could make them. He hopes a Shark can help him grow the business when he pitches VPCABS in episode 722.

Source: Virtual Pinball Machines – VPCABS – Shark Tank Blog

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