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Throwback Thursday: Big Lebowski at Expo

Footage of the Big Lebowski Pre-Alpha prototype at Pinball Expo 2014.

Pinholics Anonymous

Meetings and Pinterventions are scheduled quarterly.

Pinball Expo 2014 Finals [VIDEO]

Welcome, colleagues, to Warp Theory with Dr. Jorian Engelbrektsson. Class will begin in a few moments. The professor is preparing the results of his analysis and he will present them shortly.

Modern October Update

Modern Pinball has come so far in such a short time.

C2CP Episode 118 – Walking Dead Brooklyn Launch

Nate’s Trip Report to New York: Sunshine Laundromat, Mug’s Alehouse in Brooklyn. Plus, EMAILS!

Some video of The Hobbit pinball

SMAUG! (*click*, *click*, *click*) SMAUG!

Coast 2 Coast 2

An episode so nice he made it a double!

Walk this way. [TWD TUTORIAL]

The following 18-minute knowledge bomb is brought to you by Keith Elwin.

Tour: Pinball Expo 2014

It’s the grand galactic tour of Pinball Expo 2014 by Pinball News. So much new stuff! So many new releases!

Full Throttle at Expo

Koi Morris plays Full Throttle at Pinball Expo.

Spooky Exposé

The Wisconsin State Journal tells how Spooky Pinball is staking its claim and breaking new ground in the pinball world.

Fascinating Nouns: Pinball

Daniel J. Glenn interviews Seth Porges, pinball historian, technology writer, television commentator and contributor to many media sites.

Replay Amusement Museum opens!

A pair of feature articles by the Tampa Tribune on the newly opened Replay Amusement Museum.

Championship Rebirth Alive Plunge

Look! It’s another gathering of pinball articles from the mainstream (?) media.

A List: “20 Coolest Arcades”

Mashable has another one of those click bait lists. This time it’s about arcades and which ones they think are the coolest.

The Big Lebowski pinball revealed

Pinball News and Pinball Magazine have the scoop on The Big Lebowski pinball machine!

Gomez, VP

904 Pinball Zine and Pavlov Pinball interview George Gomez, Vice President of Game Development at Stern Pinball.

Pinball: Getting a competitive makeover

Pinball is about to get another competitive makeover when IFPA implements WPPR version 5 in January, and the rankings shuffle once again. Still, it’s nice to see old media is noticing some of the changes that have already happened.

The dead tell tales.

I didn’t realize how many zombie blogs there were out there. Then I remembered that this is the Internet, which means anything is out there.

Pinball Article Round-up

Find out how the San Francisco Pinball Department League mobile application might help with your pinball league… Can Lyman’s Tavern Resurrect Pinball Culture In D.C.? … Silver Balls: A spotlight on the Buffalo, NY based pinball tournament series.

New Pinball Dictionary: Ock Block

Occurs when you shoot the Doc Ock saucer cleanly, but instead of stopping in the saucer, the ball gets rejected and it comes right back at you.

New Pinball Dictionary: Shotgun / Shotgun Seat

The player with the second best seed in a pinball playoff.

New Pinball Dictionary: Chopping Wood

Describes a player who is … grinding for points …

New Pinball Dictionary: Snowman

During Multiball play when a ball is cradled on a flipper, and another ball happens to rest vertically on top of it.

New Pinball Dictionary: Brick

Occurs when a player has a ball cradled on a flipper, takes a controlled shot and misses it. Especially if the player really needs it to claim an important feature or award.

New Pinball Dictionary: House

Don’t get housed!

New Pinball Dictionary: Pinjury

An injury sustained specifically because of pinball. This can include maladies suffered due to playing pinball or through the effort of supporting the hobby or the sport of pinball.

New Pinball Dictionary: Straight Down the Middle / SDTM

To lose a ball via the center drain because the ball was travelling so fast and/or in such a perfect line, that there is no way the player could have saved it …

New Pinball Dictionary: Drop Catch

A timing move where the player drops the flipper just as the ball touches it …

New Pinball Dictionary: Inlane Pass / Return Lane Transfer

As the ball is headed down the inlane, it may be moving fast enough such that the player can simply hold the flipper up to allow the ball to carry over to the opposite flipper.

Josh Sharpe 2: The Joshening

Josh Sharpe returns to the Coast 2 Coast Pinball podcast to talk about many interesting topics for a solid hour.

New WPPR version 2015 revealed!

Well, here it is. The mathematical combinations, permutations, recursions and calculus that WPPR enthusiasts have been waiting for have been revealed over at IFPA PINBALL.

Pinball: Getting a competitive makeover

Pinball is about to get another competitive makeover when IFPA implements WPPR version 5 in January, and the rankings shuffle once again. Still, it’s nice to see old media is noticing some of the changes that have already happened.

Slapsave and WPPRnerdery

Get your very own WPPR card at Slapsave … also get a player history that graphs your ranking performance … get iCal calendar feeds to track tournament events in your area.

Throwback Thursday: Meet Cayle George

ABC News featured an interview with the now PAPA 17 World Pinball Champion Cayle George back before the IFPA 8 World Pinball Championships.

Oakland, CA Reverses Pinball Ban – Month Long Tournament

Radio Shack in Oakland, CA is having a celebration (of the reversal of their 80 year pinball ban) in the form of a FREE pinball tournament on a Stern Iron Man Vault Edition. The winner receives gets to keep the game!

The hardest Multiball in the hobby. [VIDEO]

I just cannot comprehend how some pinballers can score 4 billion points or more on Fish Tales. It is my contention that Fish Tales is the most difficult multiball in pinball.

Fraser Valley FlipOut 2014

Flipper Freaks Pinball Club proudly present – The 3rd Annual FRASER VALLEY FLIPOUT! OPEN Pinball Tournament (PAPA Circuit Event w/IFPA Ranking Points) NOW OVER $25,000 in Cool Prizes, Cash & Bragging Rights!

ReplayFX – “The Greatest Arcade in the Universe!”

Pinball fans and gamers alike have just learned the secret twist that’s better than any M. Night ShamalamaDingDong film.

Project Pinball Power Points

July is Project Pinball Month, which means there are pinball tournament events available to attend in a host of locations, all to benefit the efforts of an excellent charity, Project Pinball.

EXPO 2014 – Saturday Night Crunch Time

It’s PAPA TV with more coverage of the 2014 Pinball Expo Flipout Tournament in Wheeling, Chicago.

Pinball Expo 2014: Friday Night Special

Warm up for Saturday night’s Late Night Beat Down with a Friday night Special. Featuring: Jon Replogle, Sean Grant, Fred Cochran, Mark Steinman

The Wizard of Salem, Massachusetts

It’s the newest episode of PAPA.TV! Featuring: The Wizard of Oz, Faces and The Addams Family inspired by FarSight Studios’ Kickstarter effort.

Join the ReplayFX Space Army!

Do you want to help make the greatest arcade/pinball event ever?

PAPAtv LIVEplay: Shuffle up and Deal

This week on PAPAtv LIVE, World Poker Tour gets the respect I feel it deserves via a live gameplay video. As the video continues, we begin to realize just how deep the game’s rule set is.

Gameplay of America’s Most Haunted

AMH from Spooky Pinball was set up at the PAPA facility and there is video of this. Drink it all in.

PAPAtv LIVEplay: Fourplay

It’s the fourth episode of the PAPAtv LIVE gameplay series! A feat of strength, a canopy, going all in, a special appearance from The Dragon and more!

PAPAtv LIVEplay: Three Seashells

It’s PAPAtv with another session of gameplay recordings.

A day that will live in infamy.

Sunday … December 7th … 2014 … a day that will live … in infamy.

PAPAtv LIVEplay! #2

PAPAtv LIVEplay continues with an in-depth expose of Disney’s TRON: Legacy by Stern Pinball. Starring Al Thomka at the flippers as he does something that is rarely seen at all, nevermind on camera.

Throwback Thursday: 3D Ultra Pinball

It’s the original 3D Ultra Pinball from Sierra.

Are you part of the Crüe?

It’s Classic Game Room Undertow with a review of Crüe Ball for the Sega Genesis.

Punchy 103

Be afraid. Well, if you have a fear of clowns that is. Arcade Hunters reviews Punchy the Clown at Modern Pinball NYC.

Arcade Hunters Reviews BSD and INDY 500

Thiiiiiirty Miiiiillion at the racetrack!

Arcade Heroes Reviews Star Trek v1.5

Arcade Heroes has a look at the newest version of the Star Trek software. The captioned pictures of Star Trek: TNG are just me having fun.

Throwback Thursday: Supersonic

I must have something wrong with my embed of this video. Not one tap pass occurs during this whole thing.

Arcade Hunters Plays Star Trek v1.5

Nick from Arcade Hunters plays a game of Star Trek with the new code at Modern Pinball NYC.

Star Trek LE Software version 1.5 – the first session

I decided to TweetyInstaFaceyTumblegram my way through learning the new software for Star Trek pinball by Stern. This newest update is fantastic! It makes the game many times better than it was before. Congratulations to Stern Pinball for this new version of an already great game.

Iron Man Vault Edition: Session One

My local arcade, Eight on the Break, has added a brand spanking new Iron Man Vault Edition to it’s lineup. Let’s do it!

Review: Big Bang Bar

Arcade Hunters reviews Big Bang Bar by Capcom. Count yourself among the privileged if you get to play this rare game.