Duck Gallery

The Duck Gallery is a group of spinning targets located at the lower left side of the playfield. Since they are moving, hitting this area with the ball will not necessarily count as a dead duck. Those duck points will go on the board only when one of the targets is near the top/center of the spinning area when you hit it.

There will be times when you hit this area and it “doesn’t count” because you hit bare metal instead of one of the duck targets. Duck Galleries are sometimes rigged at theme parks. You pays your money, you takes your chances.

Roaming Zombie Ducks

The Zombie Ducks aren’t always hanging out by the Gallery. You may find one in another area of the park, just sitting there (menacingly). You can tell where it is by looking for the yellow insert. Scoring a successful hit on the Duck Gallery itself will also cause another duck to appear somewhere else in the park that you can shoot down. These Roaming Zombie Ducks are pure points. Points when you shoot them, more points when you reach certain numbers of them and even more points that are given as part of your bonus at the end of the ball.


Ducks are also a way to relight your left outlane kickback or earn another one if you are allowed to stack them. As the ball rolls through the right inlane, if you are able to earn a kickback from the Duck Gallery, the “DUCKS” insert will quickly flash yellow for only a few seconds. Hit a duck now to get a kickback!

By the way, if you happen to hit some other Roaming Zombie Duck instead of the one in the Gallery itself while the “DUCKS” insert is flashing yellow, you will earn the Kickback anyway.

(The ducks can appear in up to 5 other locations other than the Duck Gallery. Try to make ducks spawn in all of them.)

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