The Snack Shop targets, located in the middle of the playfield, are a way for The Player to activate timed playfield multipliers. When you get a playfield multiplier, the Zombie Hot Dog vendor will appear, quickly present you with a fresh(?) hot dog (don’t eat it), and the Playfield X timer will start. The 3X, 6X, and 9X inserts will show a purple flashing light to indicate which playfield multiplier is currently running. When you get one activated, take advantage of the situation quickly. Hopefully, you have a valuable shot or target ready to cash in or you are building up to something significant.

The timer for the playfield multiplier is shown on the Pinbar like other mode timers. You can glance there to see how much time you have to get things done. The Shot Log will also show you how your scores are being magnified by displaying the current playfield multiplier next to each shot made.

How do you get a playfield multiplier?

When you hit any of the snack shop targets with the ball three times, you will get a playfield multiplier as soon as you get the third hit. You don’t have to hit the 3X target three times to start the 3X playfield timer. Hitting any of the 3 targets will work. You will know you’ve done it when the hot dog vendor appears and gives you your tasty(?) 3X zombie hot dog.

Now you’ve got 20 seconds with triple scoring! GO! GO! GO! By the way, the amount of playfield X time can be changed via the game configuration.

[Here’s your Zombie Hot Dog!]

Do you want more? Well, you can have more! If you have the 3X Playfield activated and you hit any of the snack shop targets 3 more times within those 20 seconds, you will get upgraded to 6X Playfield, and your timer will be restored to 20 seconds again. The same thing goes for 9X Playfield — hit those snack shop targets three times while 6X Playfield is running and the 9X Playfield is yours for 20 seconds!

20 seconds isn’t a very long time to execute your scoring strategy, and that’s on purpose. The Playfield X is a valuable thing to have and it’s not to be treated frivolously when you get it. However, there is one more wrinkle to this that will help you. If you have 3X Playfield running and hit the 3X target ONCE, the timer will be restored so that you once again have 20 seconds of 3X Playfield scoring. Plus, that target hit counts toward the three you need to upgrade the Playfield to 6X scoring. This works the same when you are at 6X playfield working towards 9X playfield. If you are already at 9X, then you can stay at 9X by hitting the 9X target once or by hitting any snack shop target three times.

Although you can earn playfield multipliers via the targets themselves, there are other ways to start them… There are even ways to skip over the 3X Playfield and go to the 6X or 9X Playfield instantly! (But, one of those ways will cost you …)

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