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The Price is Wrong

The target score is 40,000,000. The goal is to get as close to that without going over. How well do you know what scores what on The Addams Family?

Outlane saves!

It’s my birthday today! To celebrate, here are some outlane saves that might cause some players to say “Happy Birthday” to themselves.

The Wizard of Salem, Massachusetts

It’s the newest episode of PAPA.TV! Featuring: The Wizard of Oz, Faces and The Addams Family inspired by FarSight Studios’ Kickstarter effort.

The Addams Family Kickstarter

Well, well! Here we go! The one we’ve been waiting for. The “big get.” The home run. At least that’s what the hype train says. It’s going to take nearly $100,000 in Kickstarter funding to release The Addams Family Pinball for the Pinball Arcade.

MemeTown Two

I am not phoning it in today. I’m not. OK, maybe I am meme-ing it in…

Pat Lawlor joins Jersey Jack!

Well, OK then. This is some good news. Pat Lawlor explains why he has joined the Jersey Jack Pinball team to build an original game. Get your wallets ready!