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Take a Flipper Break!

You are streaming, or just playing pinball in general. You are having a good game, but you need to take a break for some reason. What do?!


PinballMikeD shows off his video mod for AC/DC. No longer will you have to be stuck with plastic figures snapping back and forth.

Pinball Troll Level: 99

This Pirates of the Caribbean mod wins. What does it win exactly? It wins the pinball troll no-prize that I’ve just awarded right now.

AC/DC Mega Man Edition would be awesome!

I really like Stern’s AC/DC pinball, but if I were to have the ability to mod the rule set on a game, I would take AC/DC and turn it into Mega Man! What game would you mod into something else?

Eddie Cramer’s TOTAN mods

Eddie shows off his pimped out Tales of the Arabian Nights game, including topper, magic lamp and skeleton modifications. I imagine that it’s a pretty good light show if you can get a good shot in on the magic lamp with lots of spinnage.