This Pirates of the Caribbean mod wins. What does it win exactly? It wins the pinball troll no-prize that I’ve just awarded right now.

Troll plan:

  1. Find unsuspecting pinballer.
  2. Tell pinballer to play modded game.
  3. Wait for hilarity to ensue.
  4. Pinballer gets the crap scared out of them.
  5. Camera optional to make the event a keepsake. (Advanced trolling difficulty only!)

The modder asserts that it is possible to mod a multitude of games with this, so the possibilities of trolling are varied and numerous.

From the video description:

Smoke Jets Mod

After almost a year and a half of development, I am pleased to introduce my patent pending latest pinball mod. It is still in prototype stages and therefore not widely available yet.
This mod utilizes 2 powerful Co2 jets that can be activated in accordance with game play/match or feature activation.
Upon activation 2 jets emit powerful smoke bursts that generates a surprising wow effect which adds a lot to the game experience

Mod Kit:
2 special CO2 jets
1 custom PCB
Wiring harness

Adjustable smoke range (0.5-4 meters)
Adjustable jet angle positioning
Adjustable smoke bursts time frame
you can choose the color of the smoke (by very strong led).
you can turn it on and off with remote control or switch when you want.
CO2 substance consists only of air. No water or oil are used.
Safe for people and cannot damage the machine

This mod can be installed on any solid state pinball machine (Williams\Bally, Stern, Gottlieb, Data east\Sega, Jersey Jack)

Examples of usage:
Activation at the end of match (i.e knocker simulation)
Activation from game feature (i.e castle destroyed on Medieval Madness, Apollo 13 Multi ball etc.)

Plug and play installation. no wiring, drilling or soldering
Supplied with external transformer, does not rely on game electricity system
Can be installed anywhere on the cabinet or even inside an existing topper

There are endless possibilities of using this mod. I would like to hear any comments on my latest development. its patent pending now because my copyright

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Hat Tip: Kevin Ryan

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