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Legends of Valhalla: Code Update 24.01.19

This code update for Legends of Valhalla includes the new Berzerker Attack feature.

Berzerker Attack:
– when enabled berzerker rises during the 16 legend battles
– score Berzerker Attack hits during battles to award an EXTRA BALL

Spooky Pinball Updates: Ultra Scoob

Spooky Pinball shows the latest updates to Ultraman which includes Giant Fuji. They also show the most recent update to Scooby-Doo Pinball which includes another way to earn an extra ball by un-masking villains.

Galactic Tank Force – Code Update: 23.08.22B

Galactic Tank Force owners can go to the American Pinball support website and download the latest update for the game.
NEW — Back panel flashers now indicate the return direction of ramp shots.
MODIFIED — Air Strike Multiball, Cow-a-Bongo, and Meltdown Multiballs: improved choreography.
FIXED — corrected actor scenes with missing speech — let us know if we missed some.

Download Legends of Valhalla Code Update v23.03.10

Legends of Valhalla owners: Download the newest update for the game at the American Pinball website support section. Among the additions and changes include: An enhancement to War on Land scoring, raiders enhancing War at Sea / Viking Multiball scoring, weapons enhancing Legend Battle scoring …

Haggis Pinball Update

An update from Haggis Pinball detailing progress happening given COVID and manufacturing challenges.

Haggis Update and Factory Tour

Haggis Pinball gives an update on progress with Celts and Fathom.

This is followed by a tour of the Haggis factory describing the various sections and processes Haggis utilizes to create games.