Galactic Tank Force owners can go to the American Pinball support website and download the latest update for the game.


NEW — Back panel flashers now indicate the return direction of ramp shots.
NEW — HSTD: added high scores for Air Strike, Cow-a-Bongo, and Meltdown Multiballs
NEW — Ice Cream Social: overall improvements; still in progress
NEW — Tank Zulu: overall improvements; still in progress
MODIFIED — Air Strike Multiball: improved choreography.
MODIFIED — Audio: rebalanced volume levels of some SFX and fanfares.
MODIFIED — general improvements to A/V choreography and styling.
MODIFIED — Cow-a-Bongo Multiball: improved choreography.
MODIFIED — Lab: added additional awards
MODIFIED — Meltdown: improved choreography.
MODIFIED — Service Menus: freshened UI styling
MODIFIED — Tank Battles: improved choreography.
MODIFIED — UFO: extend timer after each hit on the swinging target.
FIXED — Credit handling: fixed bug that could cause incorrect processing of coins-per-credit
FIXED — corrected actor scenes with missing speech — let us know if we missed some
FIXED — fixed a bug that could cause too many balls to be saved
FIXED — fixed a bug that could cause the playfield to be prematurely validated
FIXED — Knocker: fixed a bug that could cause the knocker not to fire