Legends of Valhalla owners can go to the American Pinball support page and download the latest update for the game.

Prepare for battle!


Highlights include:


JUKEBOX option with animation – When enabled during ATTRACT MODE hold the left flipper for 5 seconds to start the jukebox
JUKEBOX bonus tracks – 4 bonus music tracks available in JUKEBOX mode only
Grendel – added additional screen messages for ship docking/releasing during this battle
Victory Laps – Award Shield of the Gods (outlane save) at victory lap completion


War at Sea/Viking Multiball – increased the scoring effect of raiders on these multiballs
Ship release ball save – increased ball save time
Grendel – side lock targets now turn purple when completed in stage 1
Sea Multiball/MB Legend battle – ball save is now enabled as soon as the 3rd ball is locked in the ship
War of the clans “wealth” scoring increased from 150k per shot to 1.5 million per shot
Escape the Kraken – During mode, pause the timer when locking balls in the ship


  • Reduce right ramp shots from 7 to 4 for double playfield scoring
  • The right ramp arrow blinks in YELLOW when 1 shot is remaining to start double scoring
  • Enable double scoring for all modes including wizard modes
  • Enable double scoring for Valkyrie and Thor’s hammer
  • While double scoring is active, the ship will blink in YELLOW — at 10 seconds remaining it will blink twice as fast — at 5 seconds remaining it will blink RED