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Pinfest Allentown 2022 – Video Tour

Steve Keeler of Rock Fantasy provides a guided walkthrough of the annual Pinfest Pinball convention at the Allentown fairgrounds in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Marco TV: The Pinfest Interviews

Marco Specialties set up an interview booth at Allentown Pinfest 2021 where they interviewed many from “The Pinball Community”.

Dr. Pin & Mrs. Pin – Pinball Podcasters
Todd Tuckey – TNT Amusements
Tim Roth – TNT/Twins Arcade
Corwin Emery – Spooky Pinball
Larry Rosenthal – Starship Fantasy
Jody Gontero – Ramp-O-Matic
Allen Cihak – Pinball Operator
Rob Kahr – Kahr.US Circuits
Brielle & Gianna – Earth Support Club
more …

Allentown Pinfest 2019 Tour

Pinball Supernova tours the entirety of Pinfest 2019 showing all the things I would have had the opportunity to see if I still lived in the Northeast.

Bro, do you flippin podcast?

Nick and Kevin of “Bro, do you even pinball?” are joined by Taylor from “That Flippin Podcast” to talk about Allentown Pinfest, and The Walking Dead, and Ghostbusters, and …

Pinfest 2014 – The Games

The annual Pinfest event at Allentown, Pennsylvania is the major opportunity for Northeast US – Tri-State (NJ/NY/PA) area pinballers to play a bunch of games in one place.

Allentown Pinfest 2014

FRIDAY! FRIDAY!! FRIDAY!!! and SATURDAY! SATURDAY!! SATURDAY!!! Interestingly enough, it’s not on SUNDAY! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!! What’s up with that?!

More Allentown Pinfest coverage

This year, the Allentown Pinfest event really did “step up its game”. Well enough that tournament players like myself made sure to take quality time away from qualifying to tour the facility and actually play some casual games.