Behold a walk through tour of Allentown Pinfest 2016.

Some notes:

  • This walk through was done after I discovered I was in a 13-person queue to play Seawitch in the Classics tournament on Friday. I figured I would have the time to take a lap of the place.
  • This walk through has the YouTube anti-shakiness process on it, so it may seem a little trippy at times.
  • Friday was busier than Saturday. Plus, people were buying machines like hotcakes as the prices started going down. That meant there were more gaps in the aisles on Saturday. I’m glad I did the lap on Friday.
  • This is a silent tour. By that I mean I don’t say anything during it, because I was already holding my cell phone above my head to get a better view. Voice-over commentary probably wouldn’t have worked.

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