From the Pinfest staff:

Welcome to our fourth annual show here in Allentown, Pa. We made even more changes to the show in 2013 that significantly improved the overall experience. Those changes were very well received and we packed the house once again. It was our best show yet and we thank everyone for their support.

The main section of the Agri-plex has been reserved. It offers over 40 thousand square feet of space for this year’s event. We’ll have both an indoor and outdoor flea market. Many of our usual vendors and some new ones. And as always, as many pinball machines as we can get all free to play. Last years count was over 290.

Due to the added expense, we are holding a two-day event only to control costs. There will be no Sunday schedule for this year. We are however extending our hours. Scheduling is available in the show details section.

This year we will be hosting the IFPA Pinball Tournament run by Rock Fantasy. For more information visit the Facebook group.

pinfest commercial from Pinfest on Vimeo.


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