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Robert Gagno vs. Iron man

Robert takes Iron man for a few rounds after he updated the code. How did he do? The screengrab provides a spoiler.

Macho Pinball 12/13/14

Macho has some TMZ-style questions about the happenings with Miss Elizabeth. He also has some thoughts on the Re-Re-Release of Iron Man and the boxing of Spooky Pinball’s Rick and Morty.

Iron Man Vault Edition

The sleeper hit awakens! Stern have announced that they will be re-running Iron Man. Apparently, the game didn’t get the amount of respect it deserved during its original run.

Lets Play: Iron Man

Nick from The Arcade Hunters has a go at Iron Man at the Pinball Hall of Fame. Iron Man is a beast of a game where ANY mistake can result in immediate termination, more likely down one of the outlanes.