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The Museum of Pinball Auction: A Firsthand Account

Jake Danzig gives an analysis of what happened at the recent Museum of Pinball Auction, which resulted in some very impressive hammer prices for games.

He provides reasons why the prices for games may have been magnified over their expected values for this particular event.

Via: ‘Southwest Arcade and Pinball Collectors, Arizona & Beyond!’

Classics Arcade Expo

I’m looking forward to our next adventure to Banning, California. Pepperidge Farm is going to be doing an extending amount of remembering lots of things that we used to do, like live pinball tournaments.

Twin Galaxies Festival

There will be a variety of entertaining tournaments there including “Gauntlet” “Pingo” “Pinnect Four” “Parents Just Don’t Understand” and “Swing your Partners.”

“Pinballers” by the Museum of Pinball

Museum of Pinball released a video in support of their Kickstarter effort. Imagine if a budget, Storage Wars/pseudo-reality show was done by pinball people complete with the interstitial confessional segments to bracket the dramatic action.