This is the third and final part of the It Never Drains in Southern California edition of The Meltdown Pinball Podcast with Imoto Harney, Antoinette Johnson, and Michael Gottlieb.

Also joining us will be 2019 INDISC Grand Champion Colin Urban, Tournament Director Jim Belsito and Daniel Spolar of Project Pinball. The conversation gets a little more tournament focused as we talk about the strategy aspects of card-based or set-based qualifying, also known as the former PAPA style. And we watch as the competition is winding down, until a time when we decide to relocate.

Intro and Outro MusicFunHouse Multiball (Matt Dibrindisi Mix)

Other topics:

  • When you show something, be able to ship something
  • Selling, production and distribution
  • The Card System and Pinball Chess
  • Leet Strats
  • Alternate ROMs
  • Levi’s Iron Man
  • Making a game tournament worthy
  • Colin WINS!
  • We relocate!
  • Interview with a champion
  • Tournament comments from Jim Belsito
  • Wrap up with Daniel Spolar

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