Special guests Antoinette Johnson (from Marco Specialties), Imoto Harney (from Imoto Arcade) and another secret special guest join me in the arcade, food and drink area at the Museum of Pinball in Banning, California.

This is Part 1 and it’s happening while the It Never Drains in Southern California tournament was heading to the Semi-Finals. Head Teacher Antoinette has some pinball acquisition stories to tell us.

Imoto remains vigilant monitoring the tournament before introducing our secret guest who joins us about three-quarters of the way through this episode. I tried to kayfabe as much as possible.


The INDISC episode will continue next time right where we left off as we were talking about buttons and Munsters and more pinball stuff. So subscribe and check your feed for the next episode which will be coming up shortly.

Intro and Outro Music: FunHouse Multiball (Matt Dibrindisi Mix)

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