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Clancey’s Amazing Pinball Race 2014

It’s Roy Wils and his GoPro camera at Clancey’s Amazing Pinball Race 2014. How do you win the race? Don’t finish last! Don’t finish last in a game or you are out!

DutchTommy: The Keymaster

Roy Wils has the keys to the kingdom as he updates Metallica to version 1.5 at The Spirit Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. He also shows the rest of the lineup there, and of course there is some game play to demonstrate the new code.

CyberRoy’s perspective

Champion pinball player, Roy Wils is wearing a GoPro3 camera. That means you get to see what if feels like to be a world class pinballer.

LITZ Blitz

Arcade Hunters has a look at what The Pinball Arcade has done for Twilight Zone. Roy Wils gets to Lost in the Zone in under 10 minutes on The Pinball Arcade for the iPad.

Roy Wils proves that the Pinball Arcade scores are real.

Well, Roy Wils is proving that the top the Pinball Arcade leaderboards are legit and are achieved by real people. Regularly he puts up amazing scores on this platform, and has occupied the top spot for long stretches at a time. Recently, he won one of their online tournaments and has been selected to add his tips and strategies on their games.