It’s Roy Wils and his GoPro camera at Clancey’s Amazing Pinball Race 2014.

How do you win the race? Don’t finish last! Don’t finish last in a game or you are out!

From the video description:

i played in this tournament organised by Evan Bingham.. its an 20$ + coindrop all day long tournament..

i captured my progress from the first round.. i did well except on the Addams Family.. but fortunately for me somebody managed to even did worse then me.. so i didn’t crashed the race. i actually managed to win the whole tournament,. the finals was an heads up match against Andrew Rosa on AC-DC Pro.. this is also the very first time the tournament was held in Delaware Ohio.. And i liked it a lot,. it was lots of fun.. and i definitely want to be back to this tournament next year 🙂 Thanks Evan and Crew for your hospitality

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