Archyta5 Videos presents: Add-A-Ball, a pinball documentary seeking to show why pinball is returning to its former glory.

Narrated by the author.

From the video description:

A few months in the making, I am finally ready to share this with the world! This is Add-A-Ball, a documentary I put together for my FDA media film studies course at Bedford College. This won best documentary at this years media awards ceremonies.

You will probably recognize a few people involved, especially if you are situated around the midlands. I tried to interview industry people, those involved with the hobby in some regard and players. I also managed to get a remote interview over in the USA with someone a lot of you are probably familiar with.

The premise was a maximum length of 20 minutes, about something you have a personal interest in. So I thought why not Pinball? Yes it has been done but I wanted to see how I and my good friend Will (who accompanied me through a lot of this, a big thank you to him for a lot of the work) could do with 0 budget and college equipment.

A big thank you as well to everyone who made this possible. I learned a lot putting this together, a fair amount of travelling was involved and it is staggering how much footage you need just to fill 20 minutes. I probably have over 5 hours of stuff and in the future I may consider putting together a longer version with every single question but this would likely run for 2 hours and be a lot of talking (20 minutes is probably a good run time, with filler footage which I tried to include appropriate things where relevant). I also had to use some internet imagery which I very much tried to avoid, but in some cases was not possible. I also would have liked to have someone else narrate it other than myself, but due to time issues before the completion deadline this was something else I couldn’t do. In the end though I was pleased with the result!

Thanks for watching!

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