Bathroom Stall / Restroom Stall

  • Tournament Edition
    A “strategy” that can be used during the Final Rounds of a tournament where there is a stipulation that the player choosing a game to play MUST choose a game not currently being played by someone else.
    (AKA “no waiting for games”)

    When it’s almost time to choose a game, and the game they want is currently in use, the chooser instead goes to some other place (often the restroom). While there, they are waiting until the time they believe the game they want is available again.

    Once the game they want is open, suddenly the chooser reappears, selects the game and acts naturally.

  • Alternate Edition
    A “strategy” used during league games wherein a player leaves the scene of the game in progress and goes to some other place (usually the bathroom).

    When it’s their turn again, the player is still not available. The other players are now waiting for them to return. This move can be done until the other players (and sometimes the director) get frustrated with the delays, which can affect their quality of play.

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