Pocket Entry / One in the Pocket

Keeping a tournament qualifying entry either unfinished or purposefully not starting one you’ve purchased as the qualifying time moves onward throughout the day. The purpose being to use or complete the entry when it most benefits you.

A way to use this tactic is to play the first 4 games of a five-game ticket during qualifying (set-based format) and achieve impressive scores on those games. That would launch the player much higher in the standings even if they did poorly on the fifth game of the set. The key is the hold off on playing the fifth game. This potentially impressive ticket will not show up in the standings until they submit it.

Note: Due to improvements in the NeverDrains tournament management software, the individual games of the Pocket Entry in progress will show up in the standings for those separate games, if the tournament is using the NeverDrains platform. However, the total score will not appear in the total standings until the entry is finished, and it has been submitted.

Many of the other players who are looking at the standings have no idea that they most likely will be one place lower than they are now when this entry finally gets submitted.


It takes 380 points right now to make the Top-8 in the standings. However, Maurits Cornelis has a Pocket Entry worth 350 points with one game to go.

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