Palette Swap

A machine that is physically identical to another, previously released machine of a different name, at least from the player’s perspective, but has different artwork, and where applicable, different audio. It might also have different rules.


  • Can Crusher, Whoa Nellie!, Primus
  • Jack•Bot, Pin•Bot
  • Family Guy, Shrek
  • Those many similar machines with different titles and artwork to accommodate different numbers of players, or one of them is an add-a-ball, etc.
    • Lucky Strike, Gold Strike, Target Alpha, Canada Dry, Solar City, El Dorado City of Gold (Solid State)


The phrase “palette swap” is taken directly from a video game term, referring to enemies that take the appearance of enemies seen earlier in the game, only with different colors, and sometimes with different moves.

This is a Goomba alongside two of its palette swaps from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. In the middle is the Gloomba, who requires more damage to defeat and deals more damage in its attacks. To the right is the Hyper Goomba, who requires more damage still and also has a very fast attack that deals tremendous damage but requires it to charge for a while first.

Nominated by TILTForums member: SunsetShimmer

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