Pinball fireworks because reasons.

Reason #1 being ‘MURICA!

Also, freedom! And liberty.

Three reasons that are one reason. The trinity of reasons.

Backards to Backards Pinball Firework 4th of July Duel

Trailer Tom films while Ffej Knar plays Firepower and Jordan Bebout plays Flash pinball machines under showers of sparks from fountain style fireworks on the top of the pinball machines.

Snowboard, Pinball, 4th of July Firework filming session PinPin Films style for 2016.

Filming Pinball Snowboarding and Fireworks is fun in your driveway. We had a lot of spectators that happened to be droning by witness the action.

My sister found a place in Denver that was selling fireworks, and she told the fireworks folks that we wanted to film a firework pinball 4th of july video. They helped her pick out some great fireworks. One fountain claimed “worlds strongest fountain” right on the package.

Kira and Steph helped with the project. We hooked up 3 extension cords, set up the cameras, waited until dark, and the rest is history.

Filmed by Stephara Greenhagen, Kira Dickerson, and Trailer Tom, Jordan Bebout and Ffej Knar.

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