Please do enjoy this paragraph of pure unadulterated pretentiousness, as quoted from a recently updated, and read with great passion by Martin Robbins:

“The game of Pin-ball has always represented a complex problem of applying a layer of social justice bonded to a wave of pure emotional power. A fascinating mix. All of this is sublimly [sic] disguised within the ultimate battle that pits man against the powers of the universe and popular culture, all for 25¢. Explore the inner processes, methods and real game designs of enigmatic pinball designer, John A. Popadiuk, as he attempts to demystify the pinball machine and his attempt to rule the Pinball Universe.”

At that point, my sides had reached the outer perimeter of the Andromeda Galaxy, as I desperately wanted Martin to read it again.

I will now think of the emotional and socio-political ramifications of each ball, before I plunge myself into the world of pinball interactivity.

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