Source: How Space Cadet pinball won the Windows desktop

But there was something different about Space Cadet. It wasn’t a real pinball game, after all; it’s right there in its full and clunkily corporate name: 3D Pinball for Windows–Space Cadet. It was a virtual table designed from scratch by a small, plucky development company to show off the power and accessibility of Microsoft’s most ambitious operating system yet: Windows 95. It was a rush job, and then a success, and then it disappeared with little fanfare, remembered in remixed music and a Linux port, and after a prodding, with lit-up eyes and the grin of a childhood memory shaken loose—“Oh yeah! I loved that game!”

Gameplay video by: pinballwiz45b

Remember this? This is the full version of the Space Cadet table, ported over to earlier Windows operating systems (aka 3D Pinball). What you DON’T see and hear is what is in this video.

This one is a blast. Especially when there are a few surprises inside… 😉 17:32

Thanks to Cinematronics and Maxis!