The Indiegogo campaign to save and enhance Kickback Pinball Parlor in Pittsburgh is in it’s final days! Hurry now if you want to back the project to fix and reopen the facility better than ever!

What does 1% mean? I noticed that I became the 100th backer, so that means I’m 1% of all of the backers at this point, and so are each of the other 99 backers … until someone else backs too (nudge, nudge).

Congratulations on a successful campaign!

From the Indiegogo page:

When we heard that local treasure Kickback was going to close, we got together and decided to save it. Knowing how much this place means to the pinball community in Pittsburgh, we’re giving you a chance to help. We’re asking for funds to help offset some maintenance costs as we work to fix up and reopen the largest public pinball parlor in Pittsburgh (say it three times fast, we dare you!).

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