It’s a new way to rank players. Different from WPPR points, The Power 100 focuses on win loss records versus the Top 250 players in the world. The timeframe is similar to WPPR in that it is based on records over the last three years, so percentages can rise and fall due to activity (or other players’ inactivity).

Check to see if you are a member of the The Power 100.


Source: The IFPA Power 100

… We’re excited to add a new metric to the IFPA family, and we’re calling it the “POWER 100”. Understanding that every metric has it’s own pros and cons when trying to rank players accurately, the POWER 100 metric focuses specifically on data from just the top 250 players ranked through the WPPR system.

The POWER 100 measures the winning percentage of those top 250 ranked players against only the other top 250 ranked players over the last 3 years of active results. The “Best of the Best” end up making it on the POWER 100 list.

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