Take a Bally Freedom, redo all of the artwork, add some more sugar and spice and you have Led Zepplin Pinball!

From RotodaveNZ on Youtube:

I custom made this Led Zeppelin pinball machine out of an old 1976 Bally Freedom electro-mechanical pinball. My artist buddy from Texas, Brad Albright, did all the artwork for the project. www.BradAlbright.com

After 8 months in the making, I fired it up today! It still needs a few little things to finish it off, including new flipper plungers and stops to kill the flipper buzzing. 🙂

From David Peck on Facebook:

Led Zeppelin pinball works! 🙂

Still a few things to do .. I need a star rollover, and some new flipper parts to kill the buzzing. I need to rebuild the back box light board so the lights match up with the new backglass. And make it play music. One day. 🙂
Thanks again to Brad Albright for his sweet artwork!


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