This hasn’t gotten enough publicity.

Lock is Lit Kickstarter by J Aaron Hager

LOCK IS LIT is a documentary about pinball in the tradition of single subject serials from the fifties, taking a niche subject and explaining it for a wider and more diverse audience than it’s homegrown fanbase. The film will explore the origins of the game, its distinct culture, the technology that has shaped the evolution of the game, and the particulars about how the game is played successfully.

Our goal as filmmakers and fans of the game is to create a compelling audio visual narrative to explain the lure of a game that cannot be “won” in the traditional sense and to convey the sense of urgency one has when a well played game is on the line and you are one multiball away from destroying the high score.

In short, we want to show the world why you love this game. Please help us tell that story.