Imoto Harney interviews Jonathan Joosten of Pinball Magazine about his latest publication.

Episode description:

Jonathan Joosten is a globetrotter in the Pinball news and history field, always on the forefront of bringing us the most detailed articles that highlight important people in the pinball industry. He usually spends weeks, months, and years with pinball designers and artists just to get the insider stories that we see in his beautiful Pinball Magazines.

When we met up with him at TPF this year, he had Issue #5 with him, which features Wayne Neyens, one of the most iconic pinball designers of all time. Still alive at over 100 years old, Wayne has designed almost all the Gottlieb woodrail and wedgehead pinball machines you’ve ever seen (and haven’t seen) from the late 1940’s-1960s.
Jonathan also let’s us know what to expect for Issue #6, where he gets all those juicy Python Angelo (Pinball Circus designer) stories.

COMPLIMENTARY snippet of Issue #5:
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And get the full magazine here!:

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