Cliffy’d / Cliff-ied

  • Named for times when a Cliffy protector interferes in some way with your shot, or causes you to drain the ball.

    • Having to shoot a scoop with a Cliffy protector on it many times before the ball goes in.
    • Cliffy protector on the Addams Family chair causing the ball to rim out of it and head SDTM
    • Missing the spinner shot on Monster Bash and having a Cliffy protector on the scoop guide the ball SDTM
    • Cliffy protector on the Final Draw shot on World Cup Soccer ’94 making an already difficult shot even more brutal
    • Cliffy protector on Indianapolis 500 causing shots to the lock saucer to bounce out of it
  • Nominated and supported by: Just about everyone who’s had this happen to them.
    (This is not a complaint about the quality of Cliffy protectors. Buy with confidence.)

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