New Pinball Dictionary: Inlane Pass / Return Lane Transfer


Inlane Pass / Inlane Transfer / Return Lane Transfer

As the ball is headed down the inlane, it may be moving fast enough such that the player can simply hold the flipper up to allow the ball to carry over to the opposite flipper. The purpose of this is to avoid shots “on the fly” and instead shoot the ball from a cradled position.


Sometimes it may be required to give the machine a quick upward nudge to help the ball travel over from one flipper to the other. (Called a “Bop Over” Pass or “Nudge Over” Pass)

However, there are times when the ball does not have the momentum to clear the gap. In this situation it may be useful to utilize the “Flick Pass” to pass the ball over.

For more, see PAPA.ORG: Intermediate Flipper Techniques

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