This is a press conference about the Northwest Pinball Championships using PAPA-style for their qualifications. Because that’s where we are now in this dilapidated, troubling, dystopian future. Because PAPA-style is no longer PAPA-style. And now, PAPA-style is now Northwest-style. So it has been declared. So it shall be. Because no one else uses PAPA-style. No one. Except Pittsburgh Pinball Open, basically. Probably. Maybe. Whatever. Warp to 3:54 to see the press conference start its conferencing.

NWPC Announcement!

Posted by Beneficial Malfunction on Friday, March 10, 2017

Instead of PAPA-style or “ex-PAPA-style”, I suggest “Grand-PAPA-style”, or “This ain’t your PAPA’s PAPA-style”, or “Step-PAPA-style”.

Now I’ve written the word PAPA-style so much that it doesn’t even look like a word anymore.

Well, Sean Spicer wasn’t there for the press conference so OH WAIT! HERE HE IS NOW!

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