OK, so I heard a certain prominent character, in a show that has burnination and dragons in it, went and burninated all of the things and disappointed everyone. However, this is after they said earlier that they would go over and burninate all of the things.

So after fully developing the dragons they would use to achieve said burnination, they went over to the pre-determined site of burnination and did it.

Because dragons burninate things and they had the dragons to burninate the things with.

Anyway, I’ve purposely not seen it yet since I’m going to do the powerwatching when it’s all over. So, let’s achieve full burnination with Game of Thrones and Dragon.

When you play the game of pins, you WIN or you DRAIN! The final episode of Game of Thrones is next week and the PAPAtv crew have got some dragons to tame! We’ll be playing Stern’s Game of Thrones Premium and Interflip’s Dragon!

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